Q: How do I buy a brick?  
A: To purchase a brick, first print and fill out an order form. Mail the form to the A&M Foundation, whose address is found on the form, with your payment enclosed.

Q: Can I purchase a brick with a credit card?
A: Currently we can only accept payment via check, cash (must be submitted in person to ensure a receipt), and money order. We are working to expand payment options to include credit cards.

Q: Can I order a brick online?
A: At this time, orders must be submitted via mail. We are, however, seeking avenues to being accepting orders online for the convenience of our customers.

Q: Do you provide an opportunity for companies to match gifts?
A: Yes. There is a section listed on the brick order form that will allow you to indicate the contribution amount that your employer will donate. Please attach the corresponding paperwork from your company to the brick order form and payment.

Q: What is a duplicate brick?
A: A duplicate brick is a replica of the brick that will be installed in the Path to Success plaza. Duplicates are only $50 and are great to give as gifts. They are wonderful keepsakes that can be displayed in homes, offices, and gardens. 

Q: What inscriptions are generally engraved on the bricks?
A: The most common inscriptions are name, class year (if applicable), college and/or major, significant quotes/adages, and organizations of involvement.

Q: What happens after I send in my brick order?
A: Once we receive your order form, your information is entered into our database and we send a letter confirming your purchase. Following installation of the brick, you will receive a certificate confirming the inscription and location of your brick.

Q: How do I ensure that my paperwork is received in time for an order deadline?
A: It is advisable that you send in your order a few business days in advance of the deadline to ensure timely delivery. Overnight mail is also an option. If timely receipt is a concern, the purchaser may contact the Development Commissioner at tamupathtosuccess@gmail.com or 979-458-0293.

Q: What if I missed an order deadline? Do you accept brick orders year round? 
A: Yes, we are always accepting brick orders with at least two installations throughout the year.   

Q: How do I know when my brick will be installed? 
A: Please refer to the "Brick Order Form" page to find all relevant information pertaining to dates regarding placing and installing brick orders.

Q: If I purchase multiple bricks, will they be placed together?
A: If multiple bricks of the same size are purchased simultaneously, then they will be placed together. Special instructions concerning the order of the bricks can be noted on the order form.

Q: Can I choose the exact location of my brick within the plaza?
A: Special requests will be considered, however, they cannot be guaranteed. As the plaza begins to fill with engraved bricks, it makes it increasingly difficult to accomodate specific requests. Bricks of the same size purchased together, however, will be placed next to each other. Please contact the SGA Development Commissioner at tamupathtosuccess@gmail.com or 979-458-0293 for further questions.

Q: I purchased a brick two years ago and would like to purchase a brick again. Can it be arranged for all of my bricks to be placed together?
A: Bricks already installed will not be relocated. The reason for this is to maintain the quality and condition of the bricks.

Q: What is the money used for? 
A: Part of your donation covers the cost of inscription, shipment of the brick, and fees for the Texas A&M Foundation. The rest of your donation goes to fund our Path to Success Brick Endowment in order to build a fund that would allow SGA to decrease its reliance on student fees.